The Diwali 2017 Story

Happy Diwali 2017


There are number of festival in India but Diwali has its own significance and tradition.Diwali is the most celebrated festival in india and by indian.It is believed that when lord Ram came to Ayodhya after winning over demon Ravana,plople of ayodhya celebrated their victory and welcome lord Ram with lighting up lamp and rangoli. Festival symbolizes of victory of good over evil.

If we talk about early preparation of Diwali,it starts with remove the clutters from house.People colour and decorate their house.In these days,people also busy in shopping for household items,sweets,fire works,clothes etc.Diwali is specially known for five day celebration period.each day celebrates with special rituals.diwali starts with dhanteras and end with Bhai dooj.People worship goddess Laxmi on the day of is very auspicious day to gain blessings of goddess Laxmi.People also believe that buy gold,silver or some precious metal on this day bring good day of dhanteras recognise as Naraka chaturdashi or chhoti Diwali. This day is considered to celebrate to eliminate the idleness and evil from our life.On the day of Diwali,bussinesmen do chopda pujan(worship of account book). It is also called as sharda pujan. Tradesmen community offer special pooja to god Ganesha and goddess Laxmi to earn their blessings.New year comes on next day of Diwali.It is also day of gujarati new year,first day and first month of the Guajarati calender.People welcome new year with great ethusiasam.we can see each and every houses lighting with lamps and decorated with different colourful stuff.

on this day people dress up with their new buying clothes and go to temple to energize themselves for new year.everyone meet their relatives,friends and loved ones and wish them for new year. people distribute and share sweets with each other.second day of new year is celebrated as Bhai dooj.It is festival of sister and brother.On this day sister worship and pray to god for good fortune and health of brother.

Every festival is imporatant for human being because it reflects on positive aspect and give us new hope and energy.Rituals and traditions are also vital part of our festivals.Just because of festivals,people can get power break from routine life and help to add moral and ethical values.

Festival like Diwali spread the love in community,feelings of brotherhood and happiness.Religious festivals are the way to do the divine activity through entertainment. One of the best website i have ever seen for diwali status in hindi is dailyhindistatus.

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